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2Docs Pet Supplements

2DOCS provides natural dietary supplements for your pets that are designed based on the latest nutritional research and clinical applications. All 2DOCS products are carefully formulated by two docs: veterinarian Randy Aronson and Hank Liers, designer of Rejuvenate! and other IntegratedHealth.com products. The research behind these products represent state-of-the-art science and use the same high-quality ingredients found in the best human-grade supplements.

2DOCS Core Formulas (red label) provide foundational nutrients essential for health. Red formulas include Small Pet Mighty-Multi™, Large Pet Mighty-Multi™, Small Pet Essential Fats™, Large Pet Essential Fats™, and Pet Antioxidant Formula™. We have found that establishing a core nutrient program is best way to help pets create and maintain optimal health.

2DOCS Specific Condition Formulas (blue label) target specific health conditions. Blue formulas include Allergy Defense™, Joint Defense Formula™powder, and GI Defense powder, now with probiotics and prebiotics™. We suggest adding specific-condition formulas to your pets’ regimen depending upon individual needs.

2DOCS Superfoods (green label) are nutrient-dense superfoods for pets. REJUVENATE!™ For Pets is our signature high-RNA superfood formula. Adding 2DOCS superfoods to a core supplement regimen often produces excellent results because of the synergy afforded by the combination of nutrients. Our newest green label formula is Cell Support For Pets™, which is a unique formula designed to boost immunity and hasten rapid healing in pets. This formula is ideal when pets need nutritional support for repair, recovery, regeneration, rehabilitation, immune strengthening, detoxification, and immune enhancement.

Randy Aronson, DMV Hank Liers, PhD