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5-MTHF (one milligram) (100 veggie caps)

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5-MTHF (one milligram) (100 veggie caps)
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5-MTHF contains one milligram (1 mg) of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid from Quatrefolic, a very pure patented glucosamine salt form of 5-methytetrahydrofolic acid. 5-MTHF is an active, coenzyme form of folate found naturally in foods.


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5-MTHF contains one milligram (1 mg) of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid from a very pure patented glucosamine salt form of 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid. The formula is contained in a veggie capsule only with microcrystalline cellulose (filler) and silica (flow agent). It contains no magnesium stearate.

5-MTHF, also known as L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, is one active form in a group of vitamins known as folates. In contrast to folic acid, a synthetic form of folate, 5-MTHF is one of the forms of folate found naturally in foods. In the body 5-MTHF may be converted into any of the other active forms of folate.

Folate coenzymes are responsible for important metabolic functions, including:

  • Formation of purines and pyrimidines needed for synthesis of the nucleic acids DNA and RNA. This is especially important during fetal development in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Formation of heme, the iron-containing protein in hemoglobin
  • Interconversion of the 3-carbon amino acid serine from the 2-carbon amino acid glycine
  • Formation of the amino acids tyrosine from phenylalanine and glutamic acid from histidine
  • Formation of the amino acid methionine from homocysteine (Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin also is needed for this conversion). Elevated levels of homocysteine have been implicated in a wide range of health issues. In the reconversion of homocysteine to methionine the body uses the methionine to make the important amino acid s-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) which is known to be supportive of healthy moods.
  • Synthesis of choline from ethanolamine
  • Formation and maturation of red and white blood cells
  • Conversion of nicotinamide to N'-methylnicotinamide

When taking folate it is recommended you take adequate amounts of Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.

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