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Bone Guardian (180 tabs)

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Bone Guardian (180 tabs)
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BONE GUARDIAN is a formulation of minerals, vitamins, and cofactors needed by the body in order to build and repair strong bones and joints.


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BONE GUARDIAN tablets are uniquely formulated to provide minerals, vitamins, and cofactors needed by the body to build, repair, and maintain strong bones and joints.

This effective formula includes calcium (hydroxyapatite derived from pure freeze-dried New Zealand veal bone), magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese, copper, strontium, silica, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamins K1 and K2, and chondroitin sulfate complex.

The health of bones and joints depends on a wide range of nutrients in addition to calcium. These other nutrients have been shown through extensive research to work synergistically with calcium to reverse bone loss. BONE GUARDIAN tablets are especially useful to regulate calcium balance (for example, in protocols for the treatment of osteoporosis) and can be used in cases where bones and joints have been injured or are undergoing excessive stress (for example, in strenuous athletic activity) and degradation.

Hydroxyapatite is derived from pure freeze-dried New Zealand veal bone and thus contains calcium and phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio, as well as all other natural constituents of bone. Studies using hydroxyapatite show that it substantially reverses the bone loss process. In other studies of post-menopausal women, 3 mg per day of boron was shown to significantly increase (about twofold) both estrogen and testosterone levels, as well as greatly reduce the loss of calcium and magnesium from the body.


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