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Energy / Vitality

Abundant energy and optimal metabolism are essential for vibrant living. When the body produces high levels of energy, then it is available for the biological processes that sustain health, healing, and high-energy living. We specialize in offering a range of supplement formulas that support energy production and proper metabolism. These formulas include foundation nutrients essential for energy production, including complete multivitamins with coenzyme form B vitamins such as Mighty-Multi, and essential fats (such as Essential Fats Plus E) required for proper metabolism. Our unique high-RNA Rejuvenate! superfoods provide nutrients (e.g., nucleic acids) that allow the body to significantly increase energy (ATP) production, and support proper metabolism and thyroid function.

In addition to foundational formulas, we offer wide range of formulas that address specific needs relating to energy production, energizing the body, and metabolic efficiency. Our superb magnesium formulas (including Myo-Mag, Tri-Mag, and Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride products) provide rapidly assimilated magnesium that helps many individuals redress deficiencies and experience a significant boost of energy. Coconut oil and coconut spread contain triglycerides and other nutrients that support metabolic health.