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We have been proponents of foundational nutritional supplements for more than 20 years. It was evident from the beginning that when individuals got the “basics” right, then amazing health and healing could follow. We recommend every person start with foundational supplements. We also refer to these basic supplements as “core” or “essential” supplements.

Foundational supplements provide significant levels of essential vitamins, minerals, and cofactors. Many years of nutritional research has proven them necessary for health. Basic nutrients must be obtained from external sources because the body cannot synthesize them. Ideally, the best “external source” of nutrients is the diet. Yet, foods available typically do not provide adequate amounts of essential nutrients.

For most of human history, dietary intake remained the only means to obtain nutrients. However, food sources adequate to provide essential nutrients were subject to factors limiting availability, such as seasonal variation or droughts, lack of transportation, and economic factors. As a result, many people in the past did not obtain nutritional support needed for good health.

Even today, most individuals do not meet nutritional needs through diet. This remains true even though we exercise considerable choice in our nutrient sources, and that knowledge exists to help us choose wisely. The failure to obtain basic nutrition results from lack of understanding (and misinformation) about nutrient sources supportive of health. It also relates directly to our modern food system that produces foods devoid of basic nutrients due to unsustainable agricultural practices and processing of foods.

It is unfortunate that most people do not obtain adequate levels of basic nutrients, especially given that nutrition pioneers (including Weston A. Price) long ago showed that inadequate dietary intake results in conditions of poor health and illness. Yet, these pioneers greatly contributed to our understanding of nutrition required for health. As a result, we have options when it comes to making wise choices that help us build health.

Our Foundational Supplements Program is a guide for selecting and using foundational supplements. It also explains the degree to which nutrients provided by foundational supplements are critically needed today. We include information about our foundational supplements. While the subject of basic nutrition is vast, we hope our program steers you in the right direction, and helps orient you on the path toward optimal health!

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