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Fred Liers, PhD

fred liers phd biography
Fred Liers, PhD is Communications Director for Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI). He is involved in many aspects of HPDI's public relations, outreach, and education initiatives, as well as social media, content development, and marketing activities. He is copyeditor for the HPDI website and blog (IntegratedHealthBlog.com) especially preparing technical and educational materials. He is also engaged in product research and development. He has supported HPDI since its inception in 1988, and he has worked full-time for HPDI since 2004.

Fred enjoys sharing his health knowledge – especially through his work with HPDI – both in person and through his writings. He has nearly 30 years of personal involvement with nutritional supplements, herbs, superfoods, and various natural health modalities.

He helped develop HPDI's Rejuvenate!™ line of superfoods, and he supports his father, Dr. Hank Liers, in formulating advanced nutritional supplements known for their purity and effectiveness. Since 2004, Fred has supported Dr. Hank Liers and Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD, in the development of the 2Docs' line of nutritional supplements for pets.

Fred has always maintained an active interest in natural health and healing. He regards himself as an "adventurer" in the realm of natural health. He has seen the effectiveness of natural healing methods in helping many people to create and maintain excellent health. He is devoted to creating optimal health for himself, his family and pets, and to supporting HPDI's mission to develop the most effective natural formulas available.

Fred formerly taught business communications at University of Arizona's Eller College of Management. He has also taught English, humanities, classics, and writing composition at UCLA and University of Arizona. Fred has held various positions in industry, academia, government, and his own copywriting business.

Fred holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), an MA from San Diego State University, and a BA from George Mason University.

He is married to Stefanie Lischer Liers, MAOM, L.Ac., a practicing acupuncturist. They live with their son Olin and many pets in Tucson, Arizona.



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