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HPDI and BodySync present Genetically Guided Nutrition

What is Genetically Guided Nutrition?

The science of genetics is advancing new frontiers in health, and one of those is in nutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics. Nutritional genomics studies the ways in which individual genetic differences influence the body's response to variations in diet and nutrition. The first insights into how nutritional genomics impact personal health have already been realized, not the least of which is a shift within health care from disease management to health promotion and disease prevention. As research goes forward, a continually expanding knowledge-base promises extensive benefits for health outcomes and personal health maintenance.

Nutritional genomics is already helping advance an understanding of:

  • The role of genetics in health and disease, particularly chronic disease
  • Effective therapeutic interventions for dealing with existing disease
  • Early identification of disease susceptibility and risk reduction strategies
  • Identification of the molecular mechanisms between genes and environmental factors, including components in food
  • Individualization of dietary choices based on a person’s genotype.

We call this Genetically Guided Nutrition.

How Can Health Practitioners Leverage this
New Genetic Science to Serve Patients and Grow their Practice?

Until recently, evaluating an individual's nutritional requirements has relied heavily on standard nutritional assessments, ongoing observation, and trial and error. Individual genetic data has long been the missing piece. As you may already know, Health Products Distributors has entered a collaborative partnership with BodySync to use genetic testing to match individual genetic data with nutritional supplements. We are proud to announce that, in addition to becoming a distributor of the NutriSync Assessment (which you'll read about below), HPDI has been chosen as a preferred supplier of high-quality, nutritional supplements to all BodySync / NutriSync professionals.

Studies have shown not only how genes influence a response to diet, but also how specific nutrients impact gene expression -- a genetic map for how diet influences body function. Simply put, genetic differences influence how much of each nutrient an individual may need. The NutriSync Assessment is a genetic test designed to assist health practitioners at better understanding and guiding their patients nutrition and fitness goals. The NutriSync Assessment and Action Plan's comprehensive genetic profile helps health practitioners guide patients to more targeted nutrition.View this video to hear why HPDI founder Hank Liers, PhD, is so excited about BodySync genetic testing:

Because the NutriSync Assessment and Action Plan that patients receive directly from BodySync is so well organized and presented, you need only be concerned with adding your unique patient consultation. Your consultative approach is the method you use to integrate the NutriSync Assessment and Action Plan into your unique medical practice and leverage all the other health and medical history you may have available as a trusted practitioner.

Why are HPDI products the go-to supplements
for NutriSync professionals?

A wide range of HPDI's nutritional supplements have already been scientifically matched to the genotypes identified in the NutriSync Action Plan, and the nutritional supplement specialists at HPDI can in turn guide practitioners in recommending the optimal types and amounts of these nutritional supplements. HPDI nutritional supplements are not designed to target price points, but to achieve results. Put simply, we offers health care practitioners the most effective supplements available. To accomplish this, we focus on what we call our "Four Pillars of Excellence": Superior Design, Top-Quality Ingredients, Avoidance of Harmful Ingredients, and Reliable Manufacturing.

First, our formulas are designed to include ingredients demonstrated to be effective in clinical trials and research studies. In some cases we include greater amounts of vitamins, minerals, and supporting nutrients than typical daily values, but our formulas remain balanced across the product line so that your patients don't get either excessive or inadequate amounts of nutrients. We rigorously avoid this "shotgun" approach.

Second, HPDI uses the purest ingredients available, often USP or Pharmaceutical grades, and specify a guaranteed or standardized potency whenever possible. We purchase our raw materials from suppliers dedicated to providing the highest-quality ingredients. Whenever possible we use coenzyme forms of vitamins. Coenzyme vitamins are the forms used best in the body and are usually found in food. Coenzyme vitamins can cost much more than the less efective artificial forms used by other vitamin manufacturers. As appropriate, we use Krebs cycle bionutrients, amino acid chelates, and body-specific carriers. Our formulations give the body options by providing multiple mineral carriers.

Thirdly, We exclude or minimize fillers, carriers, excipients, food antigens, preservatives, coloring agents, etc. Our products exclude wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, GMOs, yeast, simple sugars, preservatives, artificial colorings, and artificial flavorings. We exclude, with just a few necessary exceptions, rice, rye, barley, oats, soy, tomatoes, dairy, and synthetic wax. Also, we exclude dicalcium phosphate, rice powder, and synthetic fillers such as povidone.

And finally, we build relationships with trustworthy manufacturers that understand and embrace our design philosophy, follow our guidelines, and follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs). All HPDI products are strictly produced following FDA manufacturing guidelines.

Getting Started with Genetically Guided Nutrition

We’ve put together a structured process just for established health practitioners. Here are the first steps:

Schedule a complimentary one-on-one program consultation with Dr. Hank Liers

Hank Liers, HPDI founder and product innovator, would love to talk shop with you and answer your clinical questions directly. Of course he'll suggest you purchase a test and try it for yourself, but that's entirely up to you.

Schedule a conversation with Hank Liers at Calendly:
Schedule a conversation with Hank Liers by calling our toll-free number:

Schedule a complimentary strategy session with our business development consultant, Linda Sparks, to discuss how the program supports the development goals of your practice

The Genetically Guided Nutrition program provides targeted nutritional advice which can be turned into additional revenue for your practice. One of the benefits of this system is our ability to supply ultra-high quality supplements in support of your recommendations. You can sell HPDI supplements directly to your clients, online through our affiliate program, or both.

To help with this, I'm excited to make available the services of Linda Sparks, a thought-leader in business development who has been instrumental in developing critical business strategies for making the BodySync nutritional assessments a viable, profitable part of any health practice, big or small.

Schedule a conversation with Linda Sparks at Calendly: https://calendly.com/lindasparks-1 or by calling our toll-free number: 800-228-4265

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How does genetically guided nutrition
provide additional revenue streams for doctors?

Affiliate sales or inventory?

Participating doctors have options when matching HPDI supplements to patients based on the NutriSync Genetic Assesment.

  1. Become a reseller, where you purchase inventory in advance and resell items directly to patients as needed. This is the most lucrative method for your practice because you are buying at wholesale and selling at retail.
  2. Enroll in our Health Practitioner Affiliate Program which allows you to provide patients with your specific product/solution recommendations utilizing a custom link to our HPDI product website. This custom link, when used by your patients to buy the specific products you recommend identifies them as a patient in your practice and provides you with a revenue share in the form of a monthly affiliate commission. We will provide you with information resources that will enable patients to purchase the products you recommend with ease. For example: We can customize an HPDI Supplement Prescription Form exclusively for your practice that will ensure that patients get exactly the products you recommend and that they purchase them through your custom affiliate link or coupon code.
  3. Most practitioners choose a combination of stocking and affiliate program because it allows for maximum flexibility. Once patients gain new health and wellness insights from the Nutritional DNA results in their NS Assessment and Action Plan and your professional consultation they tend to become long-term consumers of the foundational nutritional supplements their bodies need for maximum health and fitness outcomes. While they may wish to purchase their first set of scientifically matched, nutritional supplements while in your office for their initial NutriSync DNA consultation, they will likely appreciate the convenience of fast free mail order direct from HPDI for their re-orders.  This combination of distribution programs also provides your practice with the maximum opportunity for recurring, passive, non-clinical revenue. If you’d like to speak with our business development consultant about the financial potential of becoming a HPDI Practitioner-Reseller just let us know at 800-228-4265 and we’ll get you connected.

Disclaimer: While we understand that selling non-clinical solutions/products has become quite common in the medical community, some practitioners remain sensitive about the practice. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of earning a commission on the sale of nutritional supplements we have a few ideas that might ease your mind.