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Full Spectrum B-Complex Vitamin
with Biologically Active Coenzyme Forms.
Supports Metabolism, Energy (ATP) Production,
Synthesis of Proteins & Fats.
Anti-Stress Formula with Choline & Inositol!

B-COMPLEX-50 contains the full complement of the B-complex vitamins, including Vitamin B1 as thiamin (hydrochloride) HCl and thiamin diphosphate (cocarboxylase), Vitamin B2 as riboflavin and riboflavin-5’-phosphate, Vitamin B3 as niacinamide, Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine HCl and pyridoxal-5’-phosphate (P5P), Vitamin B5 as pantothenic, Vitamin B-12 as 50% each of methylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin, biotin, folate as 70% folinic acid and 30% from L-5-MTHF, choline and inositol.

All ingredients in B-COMPLEX-50 are the highest-quality. This unique, high-purity formula is yeast-free.


The B-complex vitamins fall into the water-soluble group of vitamins and therefore need to be replenished on a daily basis. They are involved in an extremely large number of important metabolic functions in the human body, including energy production, interconversion of substances, detoxification, nerve transmission, blood formation, synthesis of proteins and fats, the production of steroid hormones, the maintenance of blood sugar levels and appetite, the toning of muscles, etc.

Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 do not function properly in the body until they are made into their coenzyme forms by the addition of phosphate. Because this process does not always occur efficiently, B-COMPLEX-50 includes the coenzyme forms of these B vitamins.

COMPOSITION: 1 capsule provides the following percentage of the Daily Value:

Vitamin B1 (45 mg thiamin HCl,
     5 mg thiamin diphosphate)
50 mg 3,333%
Vitamin B2 (40 mg riboflavin,
    10 mg riboflavin-5'-phosphate)
50 mg 2,941%
Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 100 mg 500%
Vitamin B6 (40 mg pyridoxine HCl,
   10 mg pyridoxal-5'-phosphate)
50 mg 2,500%
Pantothenic Acid (d-calcium pantothenate) 50 mg 500%
Vitamin B12 (50% each from methylcobalamin & hydroxocobalamin) 100 mcg 1,167%
Folate (70% from folinic acid & 30% from 5-MTHF) 500 mcg 125%
Biotin 500 mcg 17%
Choline (bitartrate) 50 mg *
Inositol (pure crystalline) 50 mg *

* No established Daily Value

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule daily away from food, or as directed by a health care professional.

INGREDIENTS: B-COMPLEX-50 only contains the highest-quality niacinamide, thiamin HCl, thiamin diphosphate, riboflavin, riboflavin-5’-phosphate, pyridoxine HCl, pyridoxal-5’-phosphate, pantothenic acid, choline bitartrate, inositol, L-5-MTHF as Quatrefolic, calcium folinate, methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, biotin, cellulose, silica, and HPMC (veggie capsule). Contains no magnesium stearate.

B-COMPLEX-50 does not contain wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, yeast, GMOs, sugar, sulfates, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.


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