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Synergistic Blend of Berries, Herbs, Antioxidants, and Nutrients Supporting Eye & Vision Health Includes Bilberry, Eyebright, Taurine, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, VitaBerry Plus®, k-Rutin™, Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, & Bioperine®

Eye and Vision Formula

EYE AND VISION FORMULA is a uniquely effective formula for building, supporting, and maintaining superior vision and optimal health for eyes.

This superb synergistic formula is designed to offer very high levels of key nutrients, including antioxidants, herbs, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, cofactors, and potentiating nutrients that support ocular tissues. These nutrients are well-known to address the special nutritional requirements of the human visual system and support the biological processes relating to the health of the eyes.

The potent, synergistic combination of antioxidants, including herbal antioxidants (e.g., lutein and zeaxanthin), and concentrated berry extracts offers an extremely high total ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value. High ORAC value indicates the ability of EYE & VISION FORMULA to provide nutrients capable of effectively quenching damaging free radicals, and thereby protecting delicate eye tissues both from aging and degenerative oxidative processes, as well as preserving the functional capabilities of healthy eyes by minimizing harmful effects related to unchecked free-radical activity in the human body (i.e., specifically within the eyes).

EYE & VISION FORMULA contains Bilberry Extract (Mirtoselect® standardized to >25% anthocyanidins), Eyebright Extract 4:1, Taurine (USP grade), Lutein (FloraGLO® from Marigold Flowers), Zeaxanthin (FloraGLO® from Marigold Flowers), VitaBerry® Plus® (high ORAC powder from freeze dried Grape Seed, Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Prune, Raspberry Seed, Strawberry, Resveratrol, and Quercetin), Quercetin Chalcone® (a highly-bioavailable water-soluble form of quercetin), Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, and Bioperine® (a patented pepper extract that enhances absorption of all ingredients). EYE & VISION FORMULA is contained in a capsule suitable for vegetarians (i.e., a veggie cap) and contains no magnesium stearate.


The human eye is a complex organ with a wide variety of tissue types. The health of these tissues is reflective of the health in the tissues in the rest of the body. For this reason, we have developed the EYE & VISION FORMULA as a key element in an overall Multi Nutrient Program for healthy eyes and vision. This Multi Nutrient Program begins with a foundational set of foundational Formulas and then adds formulas specific to eye health. A multi nutrient program for eye health therefore includes 1) A therapeutic multivitamin and mineral formula (e.g., Multi Two or Mighty Multi-Vite!), 2) A powerful antioxidant formula that traps free radicals and includes Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (such as Ultimate Protector™ or PRO-C™), 3) An essential fatty acid formula that supports healthy cell membrane function and includes GLA, EPA, & DHA, (such as Omega Plus or Essential Fats Plus E, and 4) A REJUVENATE!™ superfood, and 5) EYE AND VISION FORMULA that targets eye tissues with key nutrients found to specifically support and enhance eye function, and 5) Visual Ocuity — an eye drop formula that enables users to absorb N-Acetyl-Carnosine (a powerful antioxidant and anti-glycating agent) into eye tissues, thereby breaking up protein-sugar complexes (glycations) (such as are found in cataracts) and trapping free radicals.

Therefore the EYE AND VISION FORMULA is a critical component of a complete Multi Nutrient Program supporting healthy vision and superior ocular function. In combination with our foundational core formulas (a multivitamin, an antioxidant-Vitamin C formula, and essential fatty acids), the EYE AND VISION FORMULA is the specific formula we most recommend for building and maintaining strong vision for a lifetime.

Key ingredients in EYE AND VISION FORMULA include:


We have selected Indena’s Mirtoselect®, a standardized extract containing greater than 36% anthocyanins (and greater than 25% anthocyanidins). This material has not been spray dried on maltodextrin and is comprised of the ripe fresh berry extract alone. The main actives, accounting for many of the biological properties of Mirtoselect®, are anthocyanins (anthocyanosides). These compounds act as potent antioxidants and phosphodiesterase inhibitors, thus being particularly effective in the amelioration of capillary resistance and permeability. The effect of 
anthocyanins in improving vision has been evaluated by instrumental 
techniques, such as computerized perimetry, suggesting that the standardized extract containing 36% anthocyanins may play an important role in improving the retinal sensibility in myopic patients.

More recently, some investigators reported that the
 administration of Mirtoselect® could help to recover reduced
 visual function in eyesight due to overuse of the eyes. These studies
 reported an improvement in subjective symptoms such as
 vision with sparks, dimming of the eyesight, and ocular fatigue in computer 
operators, office workers and students. Furthermore, bilberry extracts have been extensively tested on different conditions of impairment of visual functions.
 The extracts alone or in association with beta-carotene and Vitamin E, administered to healthy subjects or to patients with visual disorders, induced in a high number of subjects a significant improvement in night vision, a quicker adaptation to darkness and faster restoration of visual acuity following exposure to a flash of bright light.


The herb Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) grows wild throughout Bulgaria, Hungary, the Balkans, and is grown commercially in Europe. Eyebright is rich in iridoid glycosides, flavonoids, and tannins. Its common name, Eyebright, is derived from its rich traditional use as nutritional support for the eyes in external poultices, teas, tinctures, fluid extracts, and whole herb for dietary use.


Taurine is found in high concentrations in the eye. It is the most abundant amino acid in the retina of all species studied. Cats, which make less of their own taurine than humans, may become blind on taurine or methionine deficient diets. This blindness, most commonly witnessed in kittens, is caused by degeneration of the light-sensitive cells in the eye. It can be reversed if caught early enough and the animal’s diet is supplemented with taurine. Although there have not yet been any reports of taurine-deficiency blindness in humans, it has been found that people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa show abnormal blood levels of taurine. Decreased taurine levels within the eye have been linked to this disease. Taurine is also known to protect the body, as well as the eye, from various toxins.


Products with FloraGLO® Lutein contain the same lutein naturally found in spinach, kale and other green leafy vegetables, as well as eggs. Numerous peer-reviewed studies link the important eye-health benefits of this natural antioxidant with reducing the likelihood of age-related macular degeneration and other serious eye conditions. Lutein’s benefits for eye and skin health are based in part on lutein’s antioxidant properties that provide protective effects against blue light. Lutein, present in the eye’s macula and lens, and also found in the skin, filters high-energy blue wavelengths of visible light from both natural sunlight and indoor light. Lutein also quenches free radicals that may lead to oxidative stress that can damage cells in these tissues. Studies indicate that daily intakes of 6 mg to 10 mg are beneficial for promoting eye and skin health.

A recent human study provides scientific evidence that zeaxanthin — a strong antioxidant member of the carotenoid family may be far more important in preventing or stabilizing macular degeneration than previously realized. Macular pigment, which is primarily composed of lutein and zeaxanthin, protects the retina from damage due to light exposure and oxidative stress. It also has been shown that a high macular pigment density helps to retain visual sensitivity as we age and evidence indicates that raising the intake of dietary zeaxanthin can increase macular pigment. The macular pigment acts like “sunglasses” by protecting the critically important central sight from damaging light waves. The distribution of lutein and zeaxanthin in the eye may indicate they have different functions. Zeaxanthin is the dominant component in the center of the macula, while lutein dominates at the outer edges. The eye is selective and preferentially places dietary zeaxanthin in the very center of the macula, the most critical area for central vision with the greatest need for protection.


VitaBerry® Plus® is a highly nutritious source material (powder) having extremely high ORAC value derived from freeze-dried Grape Seed, Wild Blueberry, Wild Bilberry, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Prune, Raspberry Seed, Strawberry, Resveratrol, and Quercetin. In fact, this powder has an ORAC value in excess of 1.2 million units per 100 grams. Therefore at the 200 mg level that this material is found in EYE AND VISION FORMULA it provides a minimum of 2,400 ORAC units. Because excessive exposure to free radicals causes eye damage (including cataracts), VitaBerry® Plus® can be a major contributor to eliminating free-radical damage in the eye as well as elsewhere in the body.


Quercetin is one of the major nutrients used to control inflammation in the body. The usual forms of quercetin used are not well absorbed in the human intestinal tract so large amounts are needed. The form of quercetin (chalcone form) used in this product is highly water soluble and extremely well assimilated by the body. Furthermore, quercetin chalcone is a non-toxic form of quercetin as determined by the Ames test and animal studies, and therefore may be a safer form.


This powerful antioxidant, enhances metabolism and substantially raises glutathione levels in the body. Alpha-lipoic acid has many benefits in the body and specific benefits to the eyes. Specific eye conditions it helps includes glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. In particular, it can help improve visual acuity and color perception for those with glaucoma. It has strong neuroprotective properties which is the reason that it is recommended for glaucoma. Alpha-lipoic acid also can help prevent cataract formation, nerve degeneration, and radiation injury.


The trace element zinc influences cell metabolism through a variety of mechanisms and appears to play an integral role in maintaining normal ocular function. Zinc is present in high concentrations in ocular tissue, particularly in retina and choroid. Zinc deficiency has been shown in a number of species to result in a variety of gross, ultrastructural and electrophysiologic ocular manifestations. The physiological functions for zinc have been studied predominantly in retina and retinal pigment epithelium where zinc is believed to interact with taurine and vitamin A, modify photoreceptor plasma membranes, regulate the light-rhodopsin reaction, modulate synaptic transmission and serve as an antioxidant. Suboptimal zinc status may influence the development and progression of several chronic eye diseases.


Selenium is an essential trace mineral with antioxidant properties that works in partnership with Vitamin E to protect cellular integrity and cell membranes. It protects the cell membranes from free radical damage, decreasing the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.


Bioperine® is a black pepper extract that has been shown to enhance the absorption of nutrients by 30–60 percent and makes all of the nutrients in this formula more effective.

COMPOSITION: Two capsules provide the following percentages of the Daily Value:


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Zinc (from Krebs cycle bionutrients) 10 mg 67
Selenium (from l-selenomethionine) 100 mcg 143
Taurine (USP grade) 400 mg *
Eyebright Extract 4:1 400 mg *
Bilberry Extract (Mirtoselect®† standardized to >25%    anthocyanidins * from Vaccinium myrtillus L) (berry) 240 mg *
Vitaberry® Plus®†† (freeze-dried Grape Seed, Wild Blueberry, Wild    Bilberry, Cranberry, Tart Cherry, Prune, Raspberry Seed,    Strawberry, Resveratrol, and Quercetin)(>12,000 ORAC units/gm) 200 mg *
Quercetin Chalcone®††† 200 mg *
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 100 mg  
Lutein (from FloraGLO®)†††† (marigold flowers) 10 mg  
Zeaxanthin (FloraGLO®†††† (marigold flowers) 440 mcg  
Bioperine® ††††† (pepper extract) 10 mg  

Other ingredients: capsule (veggie cap), microcrystalline cellulose, silica, and magnesium trisilicate.

*No Daily Value established for this ingredient

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement take one capsule twice day with food, or as directed by a health care professional.

As noted above, EYE AND VISION FORMULA is designed to be most effective when used in conjunction with other basic nutritional supplements that support the body’s metabolism, and especially with our three foundational formulas including Multi Two (therapeutic/high-potency multivitamin), Omega Plus (essential fatty acids), and PRO-C™ (antioxidant and Vitamin C formula). It is also particularly beneficial when used together with Visual Ocuity eye drops (containing Acetyl-L-Carnosine, an antiglycating nutrient) shown to be effective when used for eye conditions relating to free-radical oxidation (e.g., cataracts).

Our philosophy of supplementation regards core nutrition (i.e., foundational supplement formulas) as providing a solid base of nutrients upon which specific supplements can be added. EYE & VISION FORMULA therefore is our eye-specific formula both containing greater amounts of nutrients supporting eye health and more effective ingredients than are commonly found in eye-specific formulas. The greater effectiveness of our formula partly relates to the fact that EYE & VISION FORMULA is not designed as both a multivitamin and an eye formula (which describes most available eye formulas). Ours is a radically different eye formula offering superior nutrition for eyes, especially for those individuals who separately take a therapeutic multivitamin and other foundational formulas (i.e., antioxidant formula and essential fatty acids), thereby maximizing results by consuming a full-spectrum of nutrients required for health and the specific nutrients needed for optimal eye health.

does not contain wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, yeast, sugar, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.

† Mirtoselect® is a registered trademark of Indena
†† VitaBerry®Plus® is a registered trademark of Futureceuticals, Inc.
††† Quercetin Chalcone® is a water-soluble form of Quercetin, protected under US Patent 5,977,184.
†††† FloraGLO® is a registered trademark of Kemin.
††††† Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation.





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