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International Ordering and Shipping Information

IntegratedHealth.com is pleased to handle the requests of our international customers. We have shipped thousands of packages internationally with excellent results. Please read carefully the information below.

We welcome your phone call or email communication as a “best” solution.

If you have specific shipping requirements or service-related questions, please contact us at support@integratedhealth.com or by phone at +001-520-896-9193. We will be pleased to assist you.

Normally, your order is shipped to you no later than the next business day. We ship international orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS). When you place your order online, we will send you a confirmation of your order and a notice of shipping to the email address you provide.

Two significant changes have occurred in the past few years that have increased HPDI’s risk in shipping international orders. Our international customers' risk has not been affected, but please read the last two paragraphs of this page to learn more about what these changes may mean for you.

USPS is our default carrier and our online shipping rates are based on USPS Priority non-guaranteed. This reliable shipping method represents the best service-to-cost value for shipping international packages.

During the online checkout process, our shipping-rate calculator uses a custom package weight estimate to determine a shipping cost that closely meets the actual cost of shipping. This system is as accurate as possible, but products of the same weight are never the same size nor do they require the same degree of protective packaging materials. Online orders have too many variables to determine a precise shipping weight and our shipping calculator may charge you less or more than the actual cost to us. We assure you that IntegratedHealth.com does not try to make money on understated shipping charges. If you call us with your order, then we can be positive that you will pay the precise cost of shipping. We welcome and encourage your phone calls (and e-mail communication).

While customs refusals are rare, IntegratedHealth.com makes no claims to be aware of specific requirements of the many national and local customs departments worldwide, and we cannot be held accountable should a customs department refuse to allow your order into your chosen destination country.

Customers are responsible for understanding any and all import policies, for paying their country's import customs duties, and for understanding the unique postal regulations of the country to which they are requesting delivery. In the rare case that your package is refused by a customs department, IntegratedHealth.com will refund your credit card for undamaged products after they have been returned to us. HPDI/Integrated Health is not responsible for associated return shipping and handling charges.

Below are brief descriptions of the US Postal Service (USPS) options available for international shipments. Note: We can only send your orders by Express Mail if you e-mail or call-in your order.

1) USPS Priority Mail (PM): This reliable expedited service is available to most countries and is the least expensive trackable international shipping option. Packages sent PM are not insurable, however we have never experienced a need to make an insurance claim with the USPS. The USPS indicates that packages sent via PM typically arrive in the destination country within 4-6 business days. This does not mean that your package will be delivered to you in 4-6 business days. When a package reaches the destination country, the destination country’s customs office takes possession of the package and the amount of time each package remains in customs depends solely on the customs department. Once the package clears customs, delivery times are dependent on the destination country’s postal service. IntegratedHealth.com has no control over worldwide customs departments or postal services. 1-2 week deliveries are typical.

2) USPS Express Mail (EMS): The additional benefits to this service are speed and the availability of insurance and trackability. As with PM service, the USPS does not guarantee a delivery time to the destination country for packages sent via EMS. The USPS indicates that packages sent by EMS typically arrive in the destination country within 3-5 business days. This does not mean that your package will be delivered to you in 3-5 business days. Once a package arrives in the customs department of the destination country, the procedure is the same as for all other Airmail. 1-2 week deliveries are typical.

Special Notes:

  1. All orders are prepaid by Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, or cashier’s check prior to shipping. We do not offer COD services.
  2. We have had standard international PM and EMS Mail packages delivered in as little as 5 days, but international delivery usually takes 7-14 days with delivery times varying according to the destination and package contents. Longer delivery times are not uncommon. Postal systems worldwide are quite reliable and delays are almost always due to customs department delays. We have shipped many thousands of packages to our international clients via USPS services and have only had 3 packages lost and fewer than 15 customs refusals. Please be aware that HPDI/Integrated Health claims no responsibility for lost or stolen packages.
  3. Particular customs departments in Europe are considering packages from the United States with more scrutiny. While the UK has never refused even one of the many packages that we have sent to UK residents, we regret to report that, within the past three years, the customs departments of Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Spain have rejected packages that would almost certainly have delivered before recent world events.
  4. There has been an increase in credit card fraud and charge-backs on international orders have become more frequent. This means that HPDI has been forced to become diligent in protecting our financial and time interests. HPDI will cancel orders that look suspicious. If your order is cancelled, you may need to log in to our website to determine if this has happened.

CANADIANS: We are aware of Canada’s shipping quandary. The choice is essentially between speed and cost. Canada Post is slowed by rigorous and thorough customs procedures, but the brokerage fees of private carriers are expensive. We think that the Post Office is the best way to get packages to you.

If you have further questions you may email us at support@integratedhealth.com or you may call +001.520.896.9193 for assistance.