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Creating Health Naturally - Newsletter Archive

2012 Newsletters

  • March This issue we discuss our standards for product design. We introduce a new topical pain relief product called Warrior Mist, which is expected to change the way people treat many common  forms of pain. In Roxy's Corner we review suggestions for relief from osteoporosis.

2011 Newsletters

  • August / September  Did you know that Rejuvenate! can enhance athletic performance? We outline the case in this month's newsletter, as well as cover how the symptoms of arthritis might be alleviated, and we present a recipe for zucchini.

  • June / July Cleanse and Heal with our new Intestinal Rejuvenation Formula! Also, we offer a set of essential steps for treating insect stings and snake bites.

  • March / April Emergency health recommendations during times of crisis. Also, from the office phone our suggestions for “Chemical and/or Environmental Toxicity Syndrome.” Plus, an updated recipe for “Asian Style Lamb Stir Fry with Chlorella.”

  • January / February Vitamin D3 Plus™, The Benefits of Yoga for Rejuvenation, Roxy’s Corner - Q & A from the Office Phone on the topic of shingles, and our monthly recipe: “Dr. Hank’s Lentil Vegetable Soup,” ummm good!

2010 Newsletters

  • November / December Guest writer Stefanie Lischer Liers writes on acupuncture in our latest discussion about the Rejuvenation Program. We also include a write-up about our new R-Lipoic acid product, which has everyone in our office talking. Roxy’s corner includes suggestions for diabetes and blood sugar control.

  • October Health Products Distributors, Inc. founder Hank Liers writes about the benefits of therapeutic massage in health and wellness. Roxy’s corner includes suggested guidelines for prostate problems and Lyme disease, Hank shares his garden success stories using Rock Dust, and we offer another great vegetable recipe.

  • September Fred Liers writes in great detail about the benefits of magnesium oil, flakes and gel. Roxy’s corner includes information both about high blood pressure and dental problems, and we include our classic recipe “Hank’s Vegetable Soup.”

  • August In this month's article, we discuss three supporting protocols, including the Garlic Program, Hydrotherapy Program, and Sauna Program. Roxy’s corner includes suggestions for Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, and we share a recipe for Rejuvenate!™ toast.

  • July
    Part five of The Rejuvenation Lifestyle features new information on supercharging rejuvenation. Roxy’s Corner offers suggestions both for pregnancy and arthritis.

  • June
    Dr. Fred Liers brings you part four of the Rejuvenation Lifestyle, Roxy’s Corner features suggestions for Cataracts and Fybromyalgia, and we present a simple way to get fast energy from chia seeds.

  • May
    Part three of the Rejuvenation Lifestyle. Roxy’s Corner features suggestions for dealing with low thyroid condition, and we present another new recipe for Rejuvenate!™ and chia seeds.

  • April
    Part two of the Rejuvenation Lifestyle, solutions for asthma and allergies, and “In Praise of Routines” and a chia seed recipe.

  • March
    Introducing the Rejuvenation Lifestyle. Also, solutions for psoriasis and a new pesto recipe.

  • February
    Focus on heart health, Ubiquinol-50, Roxy’s Corner - Q and A from the Office Phone, and a new recipe for “Rejuvenation Pancakes.”

  • January
    Nascent Iodine™ , Roxy’s Corner - Q and A from the Office Phone, PRO-C™, Recipe: Almond Butter Orange Smoothie.

2009 Newsletters

  • December
    Introducing Rejuvenate!™ PLUS and 'Berries & Herbs', New! IMMUNE-ASSIST™ Daily Formula for powerful and effective immune system support.