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Foundational nutritional formulas include multivitamins, antioxidant/Vitamin C products, essential fatty acids, and Rejuvenate!™ superfoods (providing high levels of nucleic acids, which we regard as essential nutrients based on studies conducted by Dr. Benjamin S. Frank). Many of our foundational supplements are Dr. Liers Original formulas designed by Dr. Hank Liers, HPDI's founder and world-renowned supplement formulator.

When all four types of foundational supplements are incorporated into your program of nutrition, you can expect results far beyond what you would gain if you were to take a subset of these formulas. This is because they act together in a synergistic way to support optimal health. Taken together, they comprise a complete system of essential nutritional supplementation that can provide benefits greatly exceeding the benefits attainable when taking just a multivitamin, or essential fats, or consuming superfoods, for example.


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