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Hank Liers, PhD, discusses Rejuvenation
on Glenn Brooks, Vibrant Living Radio

During the summer of 2009, Hank Liers made a series of information-packed appearances on Glenn Brooks' Vibrant Living radio broadcast. The discussions revolved around the subject of rejuvenation but are applicable to all areas of vibrant, healthy living.

Broadcast #1 —Dr. Hank Liers discusses how he got started in the business of formulating his supplements, explains rejuvenation (the reversal of the aging process?. How blood-type influences diet, the importance of becoming educated in health, designing the Rejuvenate! formula. May 29, 2009

Broadcast #2 — A discussion of supplement design and quality control. The use of astaxanthin in supplements, the limitations of single-solution trends in health, the evolution of the Rejuvenate! products, Aging and RNA in sardines, Dr. Frank's No Aging Diet, blood-pressure and aging, magnesium baths and spray. Lyme disease. June 5, 2009

Broadcast #3 — The first steps to rejuvenation, Detoxification, minerals, mushrooms (including cordyceps), chemical sensitivity, brain longevity, prostate health, inflammation from a rejuvenation perspective, RNA in Rejuvenate!, seaweed and toxin removal, recovery after surgery, Lyme disease and mold sensitivity. Rejuvenation, coconuts and AIDS. June 12, 2009

Broadcast #4 —Rejuvenation case studies, joint inflamation and nightshades, magnesium and CLA. An extended discussion of Chia seeds, omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds used in running. Progesterone creme & menopause. Core nutrition. Brain health as a part of rejuvenation. June, 19, 2009

Broadcast #5 —Dr. Hank Liers discusses the research of Dr. Benjamin Frank and the importance of RNA, anti-aging in practice, detoxification, environmental issues relating to rejuvenation. The benefits of coenzyme vitamins, formulation purity. Support of digestive processes. Rejuvenate! Plus. Alkaline water machines and diabetes. July 3, 2009

Broadcast #6 —Hemp as a whole food. Rejuvenation in the context of modern living. Blood-type and diet. Promoting rejuvenation as a lifestyle. Nightshades and joint problems. Magnesium oil. July 10, 2009

Broadcast #7 — Dr. Hank Liers discusses detoxifying the brain as part of detoxifying the body. Vitamin B-12, D-Ribose and heart function. What makes Rejuvenate! unique from other superfoods. Cayenne pepper, healing and heart health. Chocolate. Cleanliness of your living environment. July, 17, 2009

Broadcast #8 —Rejuvenation and libido. Inflamation issues. Astaxanthin. Chlorella and RNA. July 24, 2009

Broadcast #9 —Dr. Hank Liers continues with his discussion of the principles of rejuvenation. July 31, 2009


Fred Liers, PhD, discusses Iodine and Transdermal Magnesium

Broadcast #9 —Fred Liers talks about Iodine and Transdermal Magnesium