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Hank Liers, PhD, discusses Rejuvenation
on Glenn Brooks, Vibrant Living Radio

During the summer of 2009, Hank Liers made a series of information-packed appearances on Glenn Brooks' Vibrant Living radio broadcast. The discussions revolved around the subject of rejuvenation but are applicable to all areas of vibrant, healthy living.

  1. Broadcast #1 —Dr. Hank Liers discusses how he got started in the business of formulating his supplements, explains rejuvenation (the reversal of the aging process? How blood-type influences diet, designing the Rejuvenate! formula.
  2. Broadcast #2 — A discussion of supplement design, the use of astaxanthin, the limitations of single-solution trends in health, the evolution of the Rejuvenate! products, RNA in sardines, Dr. Frank's No Aging Diet, magnesium baths and spray. Lyme disease.
  3. Broadcast #3 — The first steps to rejuvenation, Detoxification, mushrooms (including cordyceps), chemical sensitivity, brain longevity, prostate health, inflammation, RNA in Rejuvenate!, seaweed and toxin removal, recovery after surgery, Lyme disease.
  4. Broadcast #4 —Rejuvenation case studies, joint inflamation and nightshades, magnesium and CLA. An extended discussion of Chia seeds, omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds used in running. Progesterone creme & menopause. Core nutrition. Brain health.
  5. Broadcast #5 —Dr. Hank Liers discusses the research of Dr. Benjamin Frank and the importance of RNA, anti-aging, detoxification, environment and rejuvenation. The benefits of coenzyme vitamins, formulation purity. Digestive processes. Rejuvenate! Plus.
  6. Broadcast #6 —Hemp as a whole food. Rejuvenation in the context of modern living. Blood-type and diet. Promoting rejuvenation as a lifestyle. Nightshades and joint problems. Magnesium oil.
  7. Broadcast #7 — Dr. Hank Liers discusses detoxifying the brain as part of detoxifying the body. Vitamin B-12, D-Ribose and heart function. What makes Rejuvenate! unique from other superfoods. Cayenne pepper, healing and heart health. Chocolate.
  8. Broadcast #8 —Rejuvenation and libido. Inflamation issues. Astaxanthin. Chlorella and RNA.
  9. Broadcast #9 —Dr. Hank Liers continues with his discussion of the principles of rejuvenation.

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