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Reseller Application

Welcome to the Health Products Distributors, Inc., online application for a reseller account. We will review your application within two business days. Please note that we may require a copy of your resale or professional license to finalize your application. This can be included below as an uploaded file (pdf, doc, jpg, gif, png), emailed to us at support@integratedhealth.com, or FAXed to us at 520-896-9160.

Please note:

  1. 1.) We strive to maintain fair pricing and equal access to our products for all reseller customers. Therefore, please refrain from selling any of our products for less than list price (MAP) without first getting approval. We give approval only for special circumstances.
  2. 2.) Several of our suppliers restrict us from reselling their products on Amazon.com. These include Visual Ocuity, Warrior Mist, Warrior Sleep, Warrior Roll-On Energy, and Ancient Minerals magnesium products, Nascent Iodine, and Prescript-Assist. Please do not sell any of these products on Amazon.com.
  3. 3.) We do not drop ship to your customers. We do, however, offer an Affiliate Program for resellers who wish to avoid carrying inventory. With your Affiliate account, all purchases through your unique Affiliate link will give you 15% back from the retail value of the order. (And your customers save 5% as well!) If you would like more information on an Affiliate Account, visit our Affiliate page: www.integratedhealth.com/affiliates/