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Visual Ocuity Eye Drops (2 vial box) (10 ml)

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VISUAL OCUITY - Soothing lubricant eye drops with 1% L-Carnosine, an antiglycation nutrient shown by studies to reduce or eliminate cataracts.

Visual Ocuity Eye Drops (2 vial box) (10 ml)

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VISUAL OCUITY is a soothing, effective eye drop formula containing as active ingredients the lubricants glycerin (1.0%) and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (0.3%). It also contains sterile water (opthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5), N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) (1.0%), buffering agents (boric acid, citric acid, and potassium bicarbonate), and purified benzyl alcohol as a preservative.

VISUAL OCUITY has been designed to support healthy eye function. A wide range of causes including excessive free radicals, smoke, dust, ultraviolet rays, excessive sugars, drug use, inadequate nutrient levels, and poor blood flow can lead to conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal/macular degeneration, corneal disorders, ocular inflammation, and complications of Diabetes Mellitus.

VISUAL OCUITY contains 1% N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine (NAC), which is a form of the natural dipeptide L-Carnosine. L-Carnosine is a potent antioxidant and antiglycation agent. NAC demonstrates remarkable effects, protecting and healing eyes in animal and human studies.

VISUAL OCUITY contains 2 vials (5.0 ml each) of eye drop solution.

As Recommended by Dr. Julian Whitaker in "Restore Fading Eyesight Forever" and Dr. David Williams' "Alternatives" Newsletter!


 Letters from  Very Satisfied Customers

Dear Health Products Distributors, Inc.,

I want to thank you and tell you how grateful I am for Visual Ocuity. I was so afraid to have cataract surgery. I read about these eye drops, ordered them and within two weeks my vision was better. In two months I quit wearing my glasses (I am 79 years old and have worn glasses since I was 17). I am so excited to see well colors are clearer and brighter. Thank you for giving me clear vision and no cataracts!

Thank you!
Ester F.
Muskogee, OK

Dear HPDI-

I started using Visual Ocuity in November 2006. I had cataracts in both eyes and very dry eyes. After using Visual Ocuity for 6 months my cataracts are almost gone, my pressure has dropped 1 point, and my eyes aren’t nearly as dry. I’m so glad I started using the drops!! Thank you,

Janfer D. Reeves
Weldon, IL

Dear HPDI,

I really like this product. I am now able to drive confidently again, with my better vision.

Margaret Younk
Harrisville, MI

Dear HPDI,

This formula actually works!! Simply astounding!!!! Thank you!

Linda Langsjoen
Minneapolis, MN

Health Products Distributors, Inc.,

My cataracts had been so large the retinal specialist could not see the blood vessels in my eyes. After six months of using Visual Ocuity, I visited my optometrist, who was surprised to see I no longer had cataracts! I have been using Visual Ocuity for two years, and I remain cataract free.

Philip MacBain
age 84, Marina, CA

The eye solution is slowly reversing my dry eye problem. Love it!

Jennifer Luther
Coronado, CA

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