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Multivitamins are the base of the HPDI Foundational Supplements system. Benefits include:

  • Therapeutic levels of nutrients in amounts necessary for health—typically greater than daily values
  • Balanced with a range of nutrients, including minerals, cofactors, and phytonutrients
  • Advanced forms (including coenzyme vitamins) for optimal uptake, transport, and utilization
  • High-purity with minimal excipients, and avoidance of harmful excipients
  • Vegetarian capsules

Each multivitamin is formulated for a specific purpose: Multi Two and Mighty Multi-Vite! are flagship multivitamins with advanced forms. Multi Two has higher levels of B vitamins, whereas Mighty Multi-Vite! offers more antioxidants and phytonutrients. Mini Multi is formulated for chemically and environmentally sensitive individuals or those who seek ultra-high purity. Mini Multi contains no excipients, and provides 100% coenzyme vitamins. Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi! tastes great and includes xylitol to prevent cavities. Kids love this chewable formula, but it is also suitable for adults.

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  • Hank and Brian's Mighty Multi-Vite! (120 veggie caps)

    Hank and Brian's Mighty Multi-Vite! (120 veggie caps)

  • Kids Mighty-Multi! Chewable (120 tabs)

    Kids Mighty-Multi! Chewable (120 tabs)

  • MINI MULTI (120 vcaps)

    MINI MULTI (120 vcaps)

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  • Multi Two Caps (120 vcaps)

    Multi Two Caps (120 vcaps)

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  • Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)

    Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)

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