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Multivitamins in the HPDI supplement system are Foundational Supplements, which also include vitamin C / antioxidant formulas, essential fats, Rejuvenate! superfoods, gut health formulas, and hydrogen products. Foundational Supplements represent the base of the system because they are the first supplements we recommend for daily use.

HPDI offers five multivitamins, including Multi Two (tabs and caps), Mighty Multi-Vite!, Mini Multi, and Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi!

Benefits of HPDI multivitamins include:

• Therapeutic levels of nutrients in amounts necessary for health—typically greater than daily values

• Balanced with a range of nutrients, including minerals, cofactors, and phytonutrients

• Advanced forms (including coenzyme vitamins) for optimal uptake, transport, and utilization

• High-purity with minimal excipients, and avoidance of harmful excipients

• Vegetarian capsules

Each multivitamin is formulated for a specific purpose:

Multi Two and Mighty Multi-Vite! are flagship multivitamins with advanced forms. Multi Two has higher levels of B vitamins, whereas Mighty Multi-Vite! offers more antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Mini Multi is formulated for chemically and environmentally sensitive individuals or those who seek ultra-high purity. Mini Multi contains no excipients, and provides 100% coenzyme vitamins.

Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi! tastes great and includes xylitol to prevent cavities. Kids love this chewable formula, but it is also suitable for adults.

More information about HPDI multivitamins and other Foundational Supplements can be found on this website, and our blog (integratedhealthblog.com).

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  • Hank and Brian's Mighty Multi-Vite! (120 veggie caps)

    Hank and Brian's Mighty Multi-Vite! (120 veggie caps)

  • Kids Mighty-Multi! Chewable (120 tabs)

    Kids Mighty-Multi! Chewable (120 tabs)

  • MINI MULTI (120 vcaps)

    MINI MULTI (120 vcaps)

  • Multi Two Caps (120 vcaps)

    Multi Two Caps (120 vcaps)

  • Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)

    Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)

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