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Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs (506g)

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Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs (506g)
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Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs is a high-RNA, high protein, high antioxidant superfood that tastes great! It boosts health with a complete multivitamin/multimineral and cell-protective herbs. Mix in water, juice, or smoothies to create a drink with amazing health benefits. Click here to read Mike Adams' review of Rejuvenate!™ Berries & Herbs.

  • Delicious Berry Flavor Bursts with Real Berries!

  • Powerful Cell-Protective Herbs

  • High Antioxidant Value (14,270 units)!!

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans & Gluten Free

  • Mixes Well with other Rejuvenate!™ Superfoods



Rejuvenate Berries and Herbs nutritional facts labelClick Here for More Information about REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS

REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS is among our premier Rejuvenate!™ superfoods. It is a berry-delicious, high-RNA, and high protein superfood that includes organic freeze-dried blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

The formula provides astonishingly high levels of antioxidants (with an ORAC value of 14,270 per two-scoop serving!). It also includes a full complement of cell-protective herbs.

Therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals round out this tasty formula making it among our most balanced, nutrient-dense, and popular Rejuvenate!™ superfoods!

Try it and see why this high-RNA formula a favorite among health aficianados (and berry lovers) seeking rejuvenation!

REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS is a nutritionally complete formula providing significant amounts of dietary RNA and DNA, protein, essential fats, fiber, a coenzyme multivitamin, and enzymes

REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS includes a complete cell-protective blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs and antioxidants. This formula does not contain any "green foods" (like chlorella or spirulina), yet provides therapeutically high levels of RNA (primarily from nutritional yeast and RNA extracts of nutritional yeast).

REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS  contains more RNA/DNA than other REJUVENATE! ™ superfoods. It also includes many other ingredients that make it one of the most well-balanced, all-purpose superfoods available. These other ingredients include:

  • 12 grams of protein from a variety of plant sources (including non-gmo rice, organic hemp, freeze-dried vegetable sprouts, and flaxseeds)
  • Powerful antioxidants (ORAC of 14,270 units), a multivitamin sub-formula that includes a coenzyme B-complex, good-tasting nutrients from organic freeze-dried berries, powerful prebiotics
  • Taste enhancers including d-ribose, malic acid, inulin, xylitol, mannitol, organic mixed berry and vanilla flavoring, and stevia
  • An enzyme complex, sunflower lecithin (oil free, high phosphatide), and a standardized 200:1 organic aloe vera complex

REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS  mixes well in smoothies, fruit juices, fruit salads, cereal dishes, nut milks, and plain water. Use your imagination!!

Click Here for More Information about REJUVENATE!™ BERRIES & HERBS

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Love the Taste and Goodness
This product replaced all our previous superfood products, has an excellent fruity taste and smell with all the usual list of ingredients, vitamins and minerals that you need in one scoop. My pregnant wife used to drink Boku Greens but she always had a hard time gulping it down due to its taste and the greens smell. We also love the fact that Rejuvenate Berries & Herbs is the only superfood that clearly states this product is safe to take for even pregnant women, we have not seen others companies being so confident in saying this. Love the product and we are hooked on this now. I wish they can come up with a bulk offering like #10 can (4 lbs) so we can get it wholesale and at a good price. Review by Rama / (Posted on 9/15/2012)

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