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Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)

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Multi Two Tabs (180 tabs)
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MULTI TWO is a superior quality multivitamin providing a wide range of important nutrients. It is biochemically formulated (i.e., it incorporates supplement forms readily absorbed, transported, and utilized in the body) and complete vitamin supplement with minerals and cofactors.



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MULTI TWO is a pure, complete, biochemically formulated multivitamin supplement with minerals and cofactors. It dissolves readily and is highly bioavailable. All ingredients are the highest-quality and are carefully selected to avoid common food allergens. Multi-Two incorporates the latest research on nutrient transport and interaction to enhance efficient metabolism. 

Multi Two is carefully designed so that its nutrient forms may be optimally absorbed, transported, and utilized in the body.

The vitamins and minerals in Multi Two activate the body's metabolic processes, and synergistic cofactors aid in absorption, uptake, utilization, and metabolism of nutrients.

Multi Two is one of the purest available multivitamin supplements, and is suitable both for vegetarians and hypersensitive individuals.

Multi-Two is a well-balanced multivitamin that includes a wide range of important nutrients in amounts necessary for good health.

Multi-Two is an HPDI foundational supplement. Foundational supplements include a multivitamin, an antioxidant/Vitamin C formula, essential fats, and Rejuvenate!™ superfoods. Foundational formulas form the core of a complete nutritional supplements program that can include additional formulas, e.g., specific condition formulas, depending on the needs of the individual.


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