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We like to think we have an exceptional product line, but it’s word-of-mouth from customers like you that has made HPDI the special place it is. Thanks to your feedback, we continue improving our products, and along the way we’ve gotten to know some of you a little better. We hope you’ll take a moment to meet some of your fellow customers and HPDI fans...

  • Alice C., Long Pine, Nebraska Another Magnesium Oil Success Story:

      "Liquid magnesium is the single best substance I have ever used in obtaining immediate and long term remarkable results for certain health issues. The idea of rubbing it onto specific areas of the skin is the answer to getting immediate and very effective results. My heart rate normalized within seconds
      after rubbing liquid magnesium over my chest area. My breathing normalized by rubbing it in over my lung area. Leg/calf function improved by rubbing it into those areas. By rubbing it into my body like a lotion, followed by rubbing in some coconut oil it relaxed me totally. Sleep improved if I sprayed several pumps over my chest/ribcage area and rub it in well. Within around 5 minutes I fall fast asleep. 

      "An amazing “side effect” is that this liquid magnesium works as the best cosmetic I have ever used. It smoothes my skin on my arms and legs and face. As it smoothed the skin on my face, it actually took wrinkles away. It made my skin more full & firm. 

       "I have come to experience that using this liquid magnesium chloride on my skin is really the only way to get magnesium back into my cells. I read some research saying that once our magnesium gets too low in the cells, we can never replace proper cell levels by taking oral magnesium because it causes our stools to become too loose. This causes magnesium and other nutrients to pass through our system too quickly to be properly absorbed. I continue to use liquid magnesium chloride daily, even carrying a small spray bottle in my purse or pocket so I have it at all times. I have come to depend on it."


  • Lawrice (Recie Checchio) Dolan, RN Retired:

    "I have been consulting HPDI and Dr Liers and using HPDI products since the early 90's. I don't know how I can do with out them. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner/Holistic Health Educator for women and most people guess that I am in my 40's. I was born on 6-6-46. I believe it is due to the synergistic support of many different HPDI supplements - especially PRO-C, Olive Leaf Extract, Seed-a-Sept, Myo-Mag, Immune Support, and Creme de Femme that I am/feel and appear youthful and vibrant in spite of a history of chronic yeast in the 80's and chronic pain and PTSD after a traumatic car accident in 1995. Thank you HPDI staff and Thank you dear friend and guide Hank Liers!"

    Lawrice (Recie Checchio) Dolan, RN Retired
    Silver Spring, MD

  • Dr. Mark Sircus, Founder, International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA):

    "Friends at Health Products Distributors, It is not everyday that we fall in love with someone or something. And as we get older, the experience becomes even more rare, so when it does happen, all the lights come on. Now I am a great lover of people, things and places and even certain concentrated nutritional products like spirulina, iodine, magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Through the years many people have sent me gazillions of different products to study and experiment with and many of them have been fine indeed. But none of them spoke to my heart or sang the song of love on a deep enough level for me to stand up in front of everyone and sing out loud like I am going to do now. This past week I have started using Rejuvenate Plus and I am in love."

    Dr. Mark Sircus

  • Denny Crafton, Family Dentist:

    "For more than a decade, HPDI has been the sole source of a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients for my family and myself. I have learned more from HPDI about natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals than any other single source."

    Dr. Denny Crafton, Crafton Family Dentistry
    Vermont Center for Dental Medicine
    Vermont TMJ and Sleep Apnea Center,
    Colchester, Vermont

  • Bob L., Magnesium Oil Success Story:

    "The magnesium oil/flakes are an incredible product. For me, I am a very active, athletic 44 year old man that takes pleasure in being in better physical and cardiovascular shape than people much younger than me. I lift weights, do cross fit, yoga, run, play basketball, you name it. People are amazed at the activity level I can maintain. I came across magnesium oil/flakes about a year ago and fell in love with it. The product works! And I have personally turned 5 people onto using it (and they too love it). It is a rare product that works; is healthy for you AND does really relieve stress and sore muscles."

    Bob L.

  • Oleg P., Rejuvenate! Berries & Herbs customer:

    I would like to tell you about stunning progress that I have made using the Berries and Herbs product, along with the other supplements that comprise the protocol I have developed to address certain aspects of my health. I had also been waiting on the blood work test results to get the actual proof of the changes. I am very happy to tell you that within months of using the Berries and Herbs product the mild health condition that I had had since I underwent a surgery at the age of 4 (I am 35 now) has improved.

    I attribute it to the Berries and Herbs product not because of that only but also due to the overall feeling of wellbeing that I have witnessed since I started taking it daily at the 3-4 daily servings. I have already mentioned in the past how great all other Rejuvenate products have been working on me, but the Berries and Herbs has opened up a new dimension for me. I feel amazing every day, brimming with energy, being very productive and capable of doing a whole lot many more things than ever before. On top of that, even though I always look fresh, recently I have been receiving lots of extra compliments lately (quite unexpectedly, I must admit) from my friends and colleagues on how even more fresh and great I look every day. I am genuinely overwhelmed with the great results I have achieved in the recent months.... I also thought I would share with you how amazingly the Berries and Herbs product tastes when added to a bowl of sprouted nuts (pine nuts, macadamias, brazil nuts and walnuts work particularly well) or when added to pure cranberry juice.

    Many thanks,

    Oleg P.
    Sydney, Australia

  • William G. Kracht, DO, FAAFP, professional endorsement:

    "I have been using Health Products Distributors’ nutritional supplements in my family medical practice since 1990. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent quality of these products and their continued benefits to my patients throughout the years. Every product is meticulously designed based on the best current nutritional science and highest-quality ingredients. Although our practice utilizes over a hundred different nutritional and herbal vendors, we rely on HPDI’s products more than any other nutritional supplement company for the quality integrative medical care of our patients."

    William G. Kracht, DO,
    FAAFP Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
    Department of Family and Community Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine

  • Daniel P. Murray, DVM, professional endorsement:

    "I have been in small animal Veterinary practice for twenty years. Medicine has changed dramatically in that time frame. Coming from a strict Western medicine, left-brain world, one of my more difficult struggles has been with the field of nutraceuticals and supplements. About twelve years ago I was introduced to joint supplements and began the slow process of trial and error. My veterinary partner at the time was quickly jumping in with both feet and I watched with a skeptic's eye. It was soon clear to me that there was going to be some benefit to these types of products and there was certainly an interest and curiosity among our clients. It also became painfully clear that there was a vast ocean of products and claims with very little science or track record to back these claims. My focus in veterinary practice is primarily surgery and management. I knew that there was no way I would have the time to carefully research each product and learn the ropes of this new field. I needed to find someone in the field whom I could trust and rely on to show me the basics and direct me to safe and effective products that I could, in good faith, offer to our clients.

    "Enter Dr. Hank Liers. My veterinary partner Dr. Randy Aronson had met Dr. Liers at a local seminar and they started the ball rolling. It was quickly obvious that Dr. Liers knew the science and had the passion and the connections to bring it all together. Initially with the human products and now with the 2DOCS line we have a group of viable products to offer our clients in order to help in the support and promotion of general health and wellness. I have personally taken Hank’s core vitamins and supplements, including joint health formulas, for over eight years. In that period, I have enjoyed a steady improvement in my overall health and mobility, and have not had a single visit to the M.D. for anything other than insurance checkups. There are many stories of benefit and success that I could relay to you but our time is limited. I think that if you are reading this prose then probably you are already convinced that there is merit in these types of products. Over the past eight years I have watched and listened as Dr. Liers has delved into the world of supplements. I have read his papers and attended many seminars on each of the individual products. In every case, he is careful to point to the reasons for a specific type of vitamin, a particular type of quercetin, and a specific form of grape seed extract. He describes the benefits of sardine oils instead of flax oils or salmon oils. Researching and developing supplements has been Hank’s passion for thirty years, and his knowledge and grasp of the field is unparalleled. My own background in biochemistry has allowed confirmation and a small level of understanding of the foundation for what Hank has developed.

    "We have dealt with many different supplement companies with shiny brochures and big advertising budgets, but none that compare in overall quality and thought to what the 2DOCS line can offer. In the end, I am still primarily a traditional veterinary practitioner. What has changed is that now I can offer nutritional formulas for pet owners who are patient and interested in quality nutritional support. Take the time to investigate the 2DOCS line of products. Hopefully, my story will help you do that with a less skeptical eye."

     Daniel P. Murray, DVM
    DVM Owner,
    Animal Care Center of Green Valley Green Valley, Arizona

  • Randy David Aronson, VMD, professional endorsement:

    "I have known and worked closely with Dr. Hank Liers and his company, Health Products Distributors, Inc., for the last eight years. Hank is an incredible resource and compendium of knowledge. I couldn’t practice the high level of neutraceutical and integrative veterinary medicine without his help. In addition, the products that he produces are time-tested and very effective for our patients. I have personally used many of his supplements and herbal products and seen great results. It is and has been a great honor to become a “healer” and not just a doctor--under Hank’s tutelage. I rely on him often and am very grateful to have his help and products. I feel that the quality and ease of administration of HPDI’s product line is unbeatable. Thank you, and I would gladly answer any questions."

    Randy David Aronson, VMD
    Animal Care Center of Green Valley
    Green Valley, Arizona

  • Edi Moore, satisfied customer:

    "My husband and I learned about HPDI supplements through a close friend. We enjoyed meeting with you and getting your suggestions for supplements that would benefit our health and well-being. Both of us notice a big difference in our health. We have a lot more energy! And we’ve stayed healthy—......! We really appreciate your high-quality products and the prompt response to the orders we place with the company. Thank you!!"

    Edi Moore
    Tucson, Arizona

  • Karen W., REJUVENATE!™ customer in Scotland:

    "We’ve got our entire family on REJUVENATE!™. Ian’s mum (who has just been diagnosed with angina) was here staying with us about 2 weeks ago and we gave her a tub to take home with her. When she was here she found it difficult to get a breath walking up slight inclines, etc. Well! You should have seen the email we got from her yesterday…..her breathing is remarkable, she is full of energy, and her actual words were “I want to run a marathon! I wouldn’t be without this product for a day…” Thank you so much!"

    Karen W. Kirkcaldy,

  • Stefanie Lischer, REJUVENATE!™ customer:

    "I just wanted to let you know that since July when I started on your supplements (Mighty Multi-Vite!, PRO-C and Essential Fats Plus E) and REJUVENATE!™ my skin has never looked better! Since health is like beauty - it shines from the inside out - I can only imagine what these vitamins are doing on the inside! Thanks again for your fantastic products (I'm equally thrilled about the pet supplements)!"

    Stefanie Lischer
    Tucson, Arizona 

  • Kandy Whitaker, Diabetes Defense™ for a beloved pet:

    We spoke in March about my chocolate lab Hershey. He was diagnosed back in January as a diabetic. We discussed that after 3 1/2 months his insulin units were at 56 units a day and still rising, he was very thirsty and had little energy. You recommended that I give Hershey ground Chia Seeds in addition to your Diabetes Defense Formula to see that if would improve his energy, reduce his water intake, and lower his sugar levels.

    About a month after giving him 2 tablespoons/meal a day of chia gel and Diabetes Defense Formula, I took Hershey to the vet to assess his insulin levels. The vet took Hershey’s sugar and found that 8 hours after his insulin injection Hershey’s sugar was in the “good” range! The vet was amazed and had personally thought that we would be raising Hershey’s insulin even higher. I told him about the Chia Seeds and Diabetes Defense.

    The vet recommended that I keep doing what I am doing and at Hershey’s next sugar check, if he is still improving, perhaps we will lower his insulin units. I was happy to hear that knowing his high doses of insulin could be taking a toll on his kidneys, liver, and pancreas.

    Hershey’s energy level improved substantially after a week on the Chia Seeds and Diabetes Defense. It has now been two months and ............, Hershey's water intake and energy has improved immensely. I can hardly wait to see what Hershey’s prognosis will be when I take him to the vet next month for his check up.

    Thank you for recommending the chia seeds and Diabetes Defense!

    Kandy Whitaker
    Vandalia, OH

  • Darla Noah, Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi! customer:

    Thanks for creating such a wholesome product (Chewable Kids Mighty-Multi! Currently only available in close-outs). As a mother of two children, I try to steer clear of sugar, fructose, corn syrup, etc., and was thrilled to find your high-quality vitamins without added “junk.” Thanks again for being a wholesome, nutritious light in a Dairy Queen world!

    Darla Noah
    Harrisonville, Missouri

  • Susanne L., REJUVENATE!™ customer:

    "That REJUVENATE!™ is a real energy booster! I’ve been surprised to feel increased vitality right away when drinking even a half dose! Not sure how the chemistry of those little green plants actually works, but whatever it is certainly feels good!

    "My cat, Winston, has discovered it and begs loudly whenever he hears or sees me open the jar of REJUVENATE!™, as if it were his treat! Of course, he gets a taste and sometimes a small serving of mine, but now that you offer REJUVENATE!™ For Pets, he will have his own!"

    Susanne L.
    Salisbury, Maryland

  • Jason W., REJUVENATE!™ 

    "Hi, my name is Jason, and I wanted to share my amazing results that I received from using Rejuvenate!. This product has changed my life. Around the age of six, I started getting leg aches when I would stand up for more than a couple of hours without a lot of movement. For example, like standing in lines at amusement parks or in any line for that matter. My condition got worse with age and by the time I was in my early thirties, I could not stand up for more than 15 to 45 minutes or sit for more than a few hours without being in horrible pain.

    "I had seen many doctors and taken many exams, MRIs, blood work, ultrasounds, and EMG tests with no sign of anything wrong with me. I started reading medical books every day for months, without any real clue of what was ailing me. I tried many, many ideas and products for my legs without any result, until I just got lucky and found Rejuvenate! Rejuvenate! has been like a gift from God for my condition, which might possibly be some type of enzyme deficiency. Now, I can stand for several hours before I even get a hint of pain, and sitting for long periods of time is no longer a problem. Thank you so much, more than words can ever say, to all of you at Health Products Distributors, Inc." 

    Jason W. 
    Lake Arrowhead, California

  • D. Engel, REJUVENATE! customer:

    I am writing to let you know how much your REJUVENATE!™ product has helped me. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now. For the first two days I almost quit taking it because it made me feel so tired and run down. However, I hung in there and now I am feeling better than I have in 30 years. (I am 63 years old). I imagine that the early tiredness symptoms were from the REJUVENATE!™ pulling the toxins from all parts of my body. All this improvement comes without the aid of exercise as I work 13 hours a day at my job.

    You can bet that you have a repeat customer here. I will surely recommend this product to others. Thank you to you and NaturalNews.com for alerting me to REJUVENATE!™!

    D. Engel 
    Sibley, Iowa

  • Ginger Hobbs, Ancient Minerals magnesium oil customer:

    "I am already impressed with your Ancient Minerals magnesium oil! Here’s why.

    "The last two weeks I have been coughing continually. I have no cold, or fever, so I don’t know what has caused the cough. At first I had a little sticky hard to cough up thick mucus, then after about ten days this stopped. I then had no more mucus to cough up but instead I could hardly breathe (25 short breaths a minute), and weird squeaking upon exhaling with cough. This isn’t so pronouced when walking or standing, but mostly when sitting or in a prone position. There is no pain. ................................. I spray the magnesium oil directly on the skin over my chest area whenever I experience difficulties. Within a few minutes I am feeling normal. I also spray it on other areas of the body, but mostly in the chest area. I am amazed and thankful that your magnesium oil is helping me! I will continue to order magnesium oil from you. I will also try some of your other products. Thanks, again!"

    Ginger Hobbs
    Canoga Park, CA

  • A satisfied customer of 2Docs pet supplements:

    "With one old pooch at 14 and the other at 8 who in the last year has been challenged by inhalant allergies, I was looking for Vitamin C info for dogs which first led to Integrated Health and then to Mike Adams' interview with Dr. Hank Liers (part 5) in 2007 about your Allergy Defense formula. As a result, I am happy for currently discounted prices and am eager to see how they do on your products. Have greatly appreciated all the important (and impressive) research as well. Many thanks!"

    Manzanita, Oregon

  • Jon Pellington, Warrior Mist™ and Warrior Sleep™ user:

    "I just want to say, I was hoping the warrior mist worked, and it did. Brilliantly. Excellent product. Also the warrior sleep is extremely relaxing."

    Jon Pellington
    London, UK

  • Yetty Sudarman, Warrior Mist™ user:

    "I use it and to my amazement, it is absolutely true, Warrior Mist takes away temporary muscle, bone and skin pain. It smells good, too."

    Yetty Sudarman
    New York, NY

  • Jennifer Farmer on Rejuvenate!™ Superfoods:

    "Rejuvenate powders are great for your sporty kids! Many of my clients have athletic teenagers that are not getting good nutrition while traveling for away games. Rejuvenate powders are a great travel product that really delivers the nutrition these young adults need for their demanding lifestyle.
 Love these products!"

    Jennifer Farmer, L.Ac., 5 Essence Acupuncture
    Centennial, CO