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The HPDI Difference: Four Pillars of Excellence

The HPDI Differnece

HPDI offers health-conscious individuals and health care practitioners the most effective supplements available. To accomplish this goal, we focus our expertise on four areas that we call the "Four Pillars of Excellence": Superior Design, Top-Quality Ingredients, Avoidance of Harmful Ingredients, and Reliable Manufacturing. These four pillars distinguish our company's approach to nutritional supplements.



Superior DesignWe build our supplement line based upon strong basic research and clinical studies

Our formulas are designed carefully to include ingredients demonstrated to be effective in clinical trials and research studies. We include sufficient amounts of key nutrients in our formulas so that the results obtained in clinical trials and research studies are available to consumers of our products. In our efforts to help customers achieve optimal health, we include far greater amounts of many vitamins, minerals, and supporting nutrients than typical daily values.

The formulas are balanced across the product line, so that consumers do not get either an excessive amount of any ingredient or an inadequate amount of important substances known to be important for balance in the body. We avoid a "shotgun" approach in formulation in which every possible ingredient known to be useful for a condition is included in a product. This approach often leads to imbalances in an overall supplement program.

We maintain knowledge of the latest nutritional research and clinical studies, and also maintain strong personal contacts with knowledgeable authorities in the field. We improve our formulas whenever possible.


Top-Quality IngredientsWe emphasize the highest-purity and highest-quality human-grade ingredients

HPDI uses only the purest ingredients available (often USP or Pharmaceutical grades), and we specify a guaranteed or standardized potency whenever possible. We purchase our raw materials only from reliable suppliers dedicated to providing the highest-quality ingredients.

Our products are designed not to target price points, but to achieve the best results. For example, we choose whenever possible to use coenzyme forms of vitamins in our formulas that may cost ten times more than the usual forms used by vitamin manufacturers. Coenzyme forms of vitamins are the forms that are used in the body and are usually found in food.

We use nutrient carriers that are best recognized and utilized in the body. We avoid sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, and oxides. As appropriate, we use Krebs cycle bionutrients (citrates, alpha ketoglutarates, succinates, fumarates, and malates), amino acid chelates (arginates, glycinates, aspartates, lysinates, etc.), and body-specific carriers (picolinates, polynicotinates, sebacates, etc.). Our formulations give the body options by providing multiple mineral carriers. For example, we often use both Krebs cycle and amino acid carriers.

We formulate and package products containing fatty acids in ways that best protect them from oxidation both in the bottle and in the body. This may include the use of a gelcap, Vitamin E, ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble Vitamin C), rosemary, or a coated tablet to keep out moisture and oxygen. Also, our manufacturers generally include desiccants in the bottles of capsules and tablets in order to retain freshness.


Avoidance of Harmful IngredientsWe exclude or minimize fillers, carriers, excipients, food antigens, preservatives, coloring agents, etc.

Our products exclude wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, GMOs, yeast, simple sugars, preservatives, artificial colorings, and artificial flavorings. In addition, we exclude (with just a few necessary exceptions) rice, rye, barley, oats, soy, tomatoes, dairy, and synthetic wax. Also, we exclude dicalcium phosphate, rice powder, and synthetic fillers such as povidone.

When absolutely necessary, we only allow USP grade microcrystalline cellulose, silica, ascobyl palmitate, and magnesium silicate as fillers and flow agents. We avoid all lubricants with the exception of magnesium stearate or stearic acid in small amounts (<2%) when necessary for successful manufacturing of tablets. Also see our Statement on Additives (Excipients).


Reliable ManufacturingWe build relationships with trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers

We conduct business only with manufacturing companies that understand HPDI's philosophy (e.g., our approach to product formulation), pay close attention to our guidelines, and have excellent reputations for using good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

We have worked with each of our manufacturers for more than 10 years.

HPDI products are produced by manufacturers of superior-quality supplements following FDA manufacturing guidelines.